Chairman, Regional Peace & Order Council X

I have talked to PSSupt Bahian, our COCPO Head. I have also discussed the matter with Vice Mayor Kikang Uy, Councilor Romy Calizo (who is also my Focal Person on Peace, Security & Development) & Col Mario Verner Monsanto (of our CDRRM). Gen Calizo also helps me with my RPOC duties, & is in close coordination with 4ID Officialdom, led by BGen Benjie Madrigal.

Our security agencies are on full alert, both in Region X & in CDO. Checkpoints in key strategic areas are in place, & we are closely following the Marawi situation. Patrols are being made around the clock. I call upon our people to remain calm, but at the same time be always vigilant & observant. I urge our barangay officials & leaders to closely oversee their respective barangays, & immediately report any unusual activities. To our brethrens in Marawi & neighboring communities, I call for restraint & faithful adherence to peace. Let us not divert from the road of peace & development


Population Size and Growth

The City showed an extreme increase in population. Migration is a contributory factor in population growth. People from neighboring provinces, cities and municipalities are coming to the city for job and income opportunities. Sprouting subdivisions in the city is one attraction for the people to live in Cagayan de Oro City.

Cagayan de Oro City is one of the highly urbanized cities which comprises of 80 barangays. Of this, barangay Carmen (11.44 percent) was the most populated barangay, followed by barangay Lapasan (6.84 percent), Kauswagan (5.64 percent), Balulang (5.60 percent), and Bulua (5.24 percent). The rest of the barangays had share of less than five percent each to the total population of the city.

Total Population (NSO Census 2010): 602,088

District 1: 290,913
District 2: 311,175

Annual Growth Rate: 2.69

Population Estimates By District, 2012 (Based on 2010 NSO Census)

Total Population: 634,873 

District 1: 312,294 
District 2: 323,105

Population Density (persons per hectare)

District 1: 7 
District 2: 23 


Total Household Number (2010 NSO): 137,465

District 1: 65,805 
District 2: 71,660 

Total Household Number (Estimates 2012): 143,512

District 1: 69,294 
District 2: 74,217 

Average Household Size: 4.4

Source : City Planning and Development Office