A Place for Friendship

Higalaay 2014; a Fiesta based around comradery and friendship, Unity and Diversity, Hon. Mayor Oscar Moreno, who’s passion and exitement for this fiesta, ignited Cagayan de Oro’s push, for a far greater fiesta than ever before. working hand and hand to aspire for a better Higalaay Fiesta, where everyone would appreciate and benefit, especially the younger generation, inspiring them so that one day, when it’s their turn, to lead this celebration, they will always bring with them the sense of Passion, Compassion and Pride, of being a Kagay-anons on this special occasion.

Our beloved City, has always and will always be known and remembered for, as The City of Golden Friendship, this is one of Kagay-anons special traits that we are proud of, through out the Philippines we are known as the friendliest people, we give visitors, a sense of hospitality and a welcoming smile that makes them feel at home and that is what, makes Higalaay unique and special for everyone, not just for the people of CDO, but also for everyone else who came to celebrate it with us.

Mayor Moreno’s emphasizes on the importance of religion as the center piece of Higalaay 2014, and a contants reminder of Kagay-anons faith, a trademark of all Filipinos, he believes that Cagayan de Oro is the most blessed City in the Philippines, and therefore it is right to give thanks and praise to our loving God and too formally launch the start of this month long celebration, Higalaay Fiesta will start today, with a Prayer.
What all of us should expect this fiesta, is a culmination, of different walks of life, converging into one City, Inviting Peace and Prosperity and showcasing what our City has to offer its visitors and to the entire world, in CDO’s Culture & Arts, it’s History and Tradition’s and most importantly It’s Peoples History. This is the time when all of us Kagay-anons, will shine the brightest.

As the Fiesta Starts today, we pray that everyone, will enjoy what our beloved Mayor and his members who endlessly contributed their time and effort in making everything possible, just for each and every one of us to enjoy this month, as we shout for joy, for the coming days, let us all be mindful and vigilant, and lead by example, showing the world, why we are known as the City of Golden Friendship, by promoting Comradery and Friendship, the basis for Unity.
The People of Cagayan de Oro City, invites everyone to our month long celebration, come and share this special occasion with us, in our most joyous occasion of the year! Higalaay Fiesta 2014.

We are all Mindanaoans, as what our Mayor has said, that although we may have grew up in Different areas, Cultures, Religions and Environment, what is important is that we grew up in One Island; we should leave the past behind us and move together to a brighter future for Mindanao.

Source : Gold Star Daily