The Woman Behind the White Halls


“A city hall is the centerpiece of the City.” – Mrs. Arlene Pasion-Moreno, the City’s First Lady

No matter how big, no matter how expensive a house is, it always needs a woman’s touch. A woman’s touch allows the space to be more than just a space painted with color and adorned with furniture; it allows a space to have life in it despite its inanimation, allowing it to show its love for anyone who enters it without having to show it. That is the magic that a woman’s touch has to a space, a magic that Mrs. Arlene Moreno has plenty of.

Her first project was the City Hall. If you have been roaming around the area near the City Hall, you would have noticed the significant change of its facade, its white! A pure white coat has been brushed all over the used to be dull appearance of the centerpiece of our beloved city. You are now able to appreciate how beautiful the Hall’s architecture is, its intricacies when it comes to details. You are able to see how much beauty the old building still has in it. During last year’s Christmas season, the City Hall was decked with plain colored Christmas lights and lit up the whole area during the night. It was such a magnificent view, romantic actually. Couples, families and sometime individuals would flock to the corner of the building and take photos with the bright hall in the background. The facade has been chosen by numerous photographers and photoshoots as their locations due its simplicity and beauty.

After the City Hall’s facade, the interior was next or Mrs. Moreno’s eyes. She felt it badly need a new breath of fresh air. The place was too dull, too gloomy, to be a symbol of such a colorful city, the City of Golden Friendship. She started on her plans after get the Mayor’s go signal. She painted all the entry ways with white. As soon as you enter the City Hall, you are greeted by a wall decked with photos of men in golden frames. These men are the previous mayors of our City, from Hon. Toribio Chaves down to our present mayor, Hon. Oscar Moreno. As you go up the stair, the white walls continue to dominate your eye, making your every step much more relaxing compared to looking at stained old walls. In the Mayor’s section, you are greeted with a simple lounge but with ample seating, enough for each Kagay-anon to sit on while waiting for an audience with their Mayor.

As soon as you enter Mayor Moreno’s office, you are greeted with a lounge area, enticing you to just sit down and talk without much further ado. The neutral and earthy tones used in the color scheme of his whole office allow it to be formal and official without being too stuffy and boring. The walls are kept alive with art, most from the Moreno’s household. At one hallway within the office, the walls are hugged with artworks from Mr. and Mrs. Moreno’s kids. Certificates and diplomas of the Mayor’s educational achievement from Harvard and Princeton University (just to name a few, a few) also hail you as you pass by it.

Mrs. Moreno aesthetic in her designs is basically minimalism, using enough accessories to a space in order to add life to it without having it all cluttering the space. Just a piece of artwork, serving as the space’s focal point, with 2 or 3 accessories complimenting the focal piece. That’s it, straightforward yet so beautiful. The thing that intrigued me most about her is the amount of contrast her design is to her personality, in a very good way. For me, her ability to design a space without it having being too obvious of who designed it; her minimalist design opposes her aura that exudes of vibrant beauty and of color.

Truly, Mrs. Moreno is the woman of the house. She is able to turn an old space and transform it into something extraordinary. I can’t wait to see her next project and see how she will transform it.

Who knew there was such a vibrant and colorful woman behind those white halls?

Source : Gold Star Daily