Wednesday, 04 January 2023 04:40


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Over 300 businesses in Cagayan de Oro have applied for renewal of their business permits at the City Hall's city tourism hall as of Tuesday, January 3, 2023.
According to the City Tourism Office, six of them were tourism-related establishments, of which two were ticketing businesses, two were accommodation establishments, one travel and tours, and one services.
The City Tourism Office expected more than 500 tourism-related establishments in Cagayan de Oro to apply for business permit renewal this year. In 2022, the said office recorded around 600 tourism-related establishments in Cagayan de Oro that applied for and renewed their business permits.
The City Government advised applicants to renew their business permits on or before January 20 to avoid paying the surcharge or penalty.
The process for new business permit applicants will begin at the Business One-Stop Shop (BOSS) of the City Finance Department. Then, they will have to wait for three days to a week for the release of the billing from the City Treasurer's Office. After payment, new applicants will receive their business permits at the City Tourism Hall.
For business permit renewal, tax assessment and billing will be done at the kiosk in the City Treasurer's Office and over-the-counter payment at the teller shortly follows. Then, applicants will proceed to the City Tourism Hall for processing and release of their renewed business permits.
For faster and more convenient transactions, the City Government is urging taxpayers to use the online business permit applications (new and renewal) and payments online by accessing this link: (JAS/CIO/photos by Jun Canete)