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Roof Deck, JV Seriña Building, City Hall, Cagayan de Oro City

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About Us

Ordinance No. 14184-2021 "Creating the City Management Information Systems and Innovation Department (CMISID), providing for its functions and organization structure and for other"


Shall be recognized as the center of excellence in information and communication technology in the city government of Cagayan de Oro City.


 To serve the City Government of Cagayan de Oro by providing a reliable, accurate and efficient ICT solutions and services while continuously innovates technology to meet the needs of our clients and stakeholders.



  1. Policy and Planning
    1. Formulate, recommend, and implement policies, plans, programs, initiatives and guidelines that will promote the development and use of ICT and GIS in effective and efficient delivery of public service
      1. Provide innovative solutions for the betterment of public services
      2. Enhance the access to and delivery of the city government services to bring about efficient, responsive, ethical, accountable and transparent local governmen services
      3. Conduct data analysis on the available data and produce effective diagrams of the data as needed to produce innovative solutions
      4. Evaluate and provide recommendations on ICT and GIS matters
      5. Provide ICT-GIS services to all departments of the City Government
      6. Submit reports on ICT-GIS matters to the City Mayor when needed
    2. Provide an integrated framework in order to optimize government ICT resources and networks for the identification and prioritization of systems and applications
  2. Improved Public Access
    1. Prescribe rules and regulations for the establishment, operation, and maintenance of ICT infrastructures in the City Government and its unserved and underserved areas
    2. Establish a free internet service that can be accessed in government offices and public areas using the most cost-effective telecommunications technology, through partnership with private service providers as may be necessary
  3. Resource-Sharing and Capacity Building
    1. Harmonize and coordinate all ICT plans and initiatives to ensure knowledge, information and resource-sharing, database-building, and networking linkages among various departments and offices
      1. Install, manage, and maintain the Network Backbone of the City Government that provides interconnectivity between departments
    2. Ensure the development and protection of integrated government ICT infrastructures and designs, taking into consideration the inventory of exisiting manpower, plans, programs, software, hardware, and installed systems
      1. Integrate and harmonize application systems and information to streamline the services of the City Government to its stakeholders
      2. Develop web-based application systems to make the services of the City Government available to its stakeholders anytime and anywhere
      3. Develop and maintain application systems that automates the operation and services of every department in the City Government
      4. Develop and maintain the official website of the City of Cagayan de Oro
    3. Assist and provide technical expertise to departments and offices in the development of guidelines in the enforcement and administration of laws, standard, rules, and regulations governing ICT
    4. Prescribe the personnel qualifications and other qualification standards essential to the effective development and operation of ICT infrastructures and systems in the city government
    5. Develop programs that would enhance the career advancement opportunities of ICT workers in the City Government
    6. Assist in the dissemination of vital information essential to priority programs, projects, and activities of the city through the use of ICT