Eight Point Agenda
Cagayan de Oro City


Poverty Alleviation and Peace and Order

  • Employment generation and jobs placement
  • Cooperative development
  • Access to livelihood opportunities
  • Strengthened partnership with law enforcement agencies
  • Implement Rule of Law
  • Setting up of an effective 911-type emergency response

Revenue Generation

  • Efficiency in the collection efforts, increasing revenues without necessarily increasing or adding taxes.
  • Strategic relocation of residents in high risk areas and informal communities, serving as the catalyst for the development of new growth areas.

Infrastructure and Investments

  • Proper urban planning
  • Enhancement of support infrastructures
  • Balanced and equitable investment in infrastructure throughout the city
  • Infrastructure support to establish new growth centers in the city
  • Investments are well-directed to respond to the city's growth and potentials
  • Cagayan de Oro to serve as "The Hub".


  • Cagayan de Oro as a catalyst to regional growth
  • Cagayan de Oro as the center of Northern Mindanao

Education and Environment Protection

  • Cagayan de Oro to pursue and enhance its role as the educational center of Northern Mindanao
  • Promote and develop eco-tourism
  • To ensure the city's sustainability by putting in place measures that will protect its natural environment, especially Cagayan de Oro and Iponan Rivers

Health and Hospital Services

  • One of the means of liberating the poor from the bondage of traditional politics is to upgrade the health and hospital services.
  • Upgrade the JR Borja Memorial Hospital and strategic health centers.
  • Provision of universal health insurance coverage for indigent families

Agricultural Productivity

  • Effective farm to market road networks
  • Availability of farm support implements
  • Identify new markets for farm products
  • Tying up with cooperatives to expand economic reach of farmers
  • Increasing the productivity of the farmers and fisher folks
  • Institute measures that will ensure sustained food security

Teamwork and Tourism

  • Enhance competence of the bureaucracy
  • Enhancing existing tourist destinations
  • Development of new tourist spots
  • Improvement and upgrading of traffic management capabilities
  • Meaningful collaboration with all stakeholders in the effective and efficient delivery of social services
  • Ensure engagement of all stakeholders in disaster risk reduction management and community-based climate change resiliency initiative