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Following the Oct. 25 accident that killed a city councilor’s son, the 20th City Council will review an ordinance that eased the enforcement on helmet use by motorcycle riders in Cagayan de Oro City.
In a special report during the council’s Nov. 13 afternoon session, Councilor Roger Abaday moved to repeal Ordinance No. 14421-2022 which eased the enforcement on helmet use in certain areas of the city.
Abaday, whose 22-year-old son Ed Satur died in a motorcycle accident at the diversion road in Barangay Kauswagan, also pushed for a ‘no helmet, no travel’ policy which he said is anchored on existing ordinances such as the Traffic Code and Republic Act No. 10054 or the Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009.
‘The doctor (who examined my son) and (the traffic investigator) asked us if my son wore a helmet (during the accident)…the relaxation of traffic safety measures particularly the mandatory wearing of safety helmets poses a significant risk to public safety. Helmets reduce the severity of head injuries sustained during accidents and promoting overall road safety,’ Abaday said.
Abaday also gave a special report on the issue during the council’s session last June 26. The ordinance allows for the relaxation on helmet use in the poblacion area, in the city’s uptown area and certain sites provided that the 30 kph speed limit is observed.
It was enacted in response to the drive-by shootings committed by motorcycle-riding assailants who wore full-face helmets to mask their identities.
‘Beyond the helmet act, rigorous enforcement of Republic Act 4136 or Land Transportation Code with emphasis on proper use of inner and outer lanes for major roads and the national highway,’ Abaday said.
Councilor Romeo Calizo, who chaired the council’s public safety committee, said the issue should be referred to the appropriate committee. Councilor Edgar Cabanlas, the proponent of the ordinance, agreed that the ordinance should be revisited and if need be, repealed.
‘We scheduled next Monday’s session (for deliberation on the ordinance). (To clarify) the ordinance didn’t allow the riders not to wear helmets. The riders can still wear helmets provided that their faces (can be seen),’ Cabanlas said. (Stephen Capillas of City Information Office)